This is why we established the GOCASPER STRATEGY which identifies and allocates venture capital to world class technologies, protocols and applications in the blockchain market to accelerate the adoption of such solutions

Ralf Kubli
Director of Casper Association
“Opportunities don't just happen. You need to create them.”
Casper Network was designed as an essential blockchain platform for real-world applications with a focus on accelerating enterprise and developer adoption of blockchain technology. With the GOCASPER STRATEGY, our intention is to create an investment approach that supports strong use cases with both financing and access to our entrepreneurial skillsets. As a result, the GOCASPER STRATEGY seeks to support all solutions, not just those built on the Casper Network.
Daniel Biesuz
Managing Partner of GOWORLD
Equity Partner of ILFP Legal Partners
Director of Casper Association
“Opportunities don't just happen. You need to create them.”
GOWORLD builds and invests in fintechs and ecosystems for the future. We rely on strong and interdisciplinary teams of experts, partners and on a modern evolving value chain built on and around our ventures. ​
​​In teaming-up with Casper Association, we are developing a venture capital (VC) strategy that has unique access to the unprecedented opportunities within the emerging decentralised ledger technology (DLT) market. The key to maximising these opportunities is housing them within the right innovation hub, in order to avoid their growth potential being compromised by future regulatory developments.

Our Vision

Early-stage Investor of
Choice. For Blockchain.
The GOCASPER STRATEGY is the early-stage investor of choice for ambitious business models built on blockchain technologies, protocols or applications.
Being sponsor-backed by Casper Association means we gain access to some of the most-promising use cases within the blockchain sector.


A venture capital
strategy for Global Investors
With a capacity of up to USD 100m, the GOCASPER STRATEGY intends to allocate globally to blockchain companies' pre-seed, seed and series A rounds, with deployment set to occur from 2024 to 2029.
The GOCASPER STRATEGY intends to invest up to 35% of its assets in its portfolio companies' seed, series A and series B rounds.
We support these use cases not only through financing rounds but also through strong entrepreneurial know-how and DLT- development and business consulting value-added services.

GOCasper Strategy

GOCasper Strategy
The GOCASPER STRATEGY targets allocations of USD 200,000 for a 10% target ownership. We may anchor financing rounds of up to USD 500,000 and help bring in, or be brought in by, other angel investors.

The GOCASPER STRATEGY will target initial allocations of ø USD 1m. Our preference is to participate in investment rounds where a seed/ lead investor has already committed.

Series A
The GOCASPER STRATEGY will target initial allocations of ø USD 2.5m. We typically target investment rounds where a seed / lead investor has already committed.

Follow-on investments
The GOCASPER STRATEGY will allocate up to 35% of its assets in follow-on investments. Typically, follow-on investments will involve participations in up to two subsequent financing rounds after an initial allocation.

Targeted Deployment

Series A
Follow-on Capital
45 (Ø USD 200k)
18 (Ø USD 1.0m)
Series A
13 (Ø USD 2.5m)

Sponsors and partners

Owner: Casper Association (100%)
Casper Ventures LLC
Baare rstrasse 141
6300 Zug
Casper Ventures will act as an investment advisor and play the key role in supporting the investment process, advising on exits and providing business consulting and DLT- development value-added services to portfolio companies.
Main Owners : Daniel Biesuz and Cédric B. Borer
Zug, Switzerland
GOWORLD will act as a sponsor and is responsible for the implementation of the GOCASPER STRATEGY. ​Furthermore, they will provide access to their extensive knowledge and expertise of the fintech industry.
Outsourcing Partner: BV4 Ltd, Zurich
Outsourced Parts:
Initial screening,
deep dive
due diligence.
BV4 is the leading independent expert in startup scouting, assessment and valuation. They enable great venture transactions by creating transparency through their startup intelligence.